Best Gaming Rom for Galaxy S4 i9505 (plus additional tweaks for performance)

After trying all of the roms available for our device I’ll share with you the best custom rom in terms of gaming.

Surprisingly, the rom I’m talking about is already out there for years. I’m talking about the GPE (Google Play Edition)  4.4.4 for S4 i9505. I played NBA 2K16/2K17, Modern Combat 5, Ashpalt 8, NFS No Limits,  Vainglory in this rom without lags.

I’ll also share with you the custom kernel and settings that I’m using together with this rom. Here’s the steps on how to install GPE 4.4.4 on S4 i9505.

First step is to download the required files. Here’s the link of the custom rom and the custom kernel:

GPE 4.4.4 for Galaxy S4 i9505

Echoe Kernel for GPE 4.4.4


Now we need to flash the files in the custom recovery such as TWRP.

If you don’t have a custom recovery go to this link: How to install custom recovery on S4 i9505

Now boot into TWRP and SYSTEM, DATA and CACHE.

Here’s the order for flashing:

1: Flash ROM

2: Flash Kernel

After succesfully flashing reboot and wait for about 5 minutes to boot.

Congratulations, you successfully installed the rom in your device.

Install any manager to tweak your kernel. I prefer Kernel Adiutor.  Get it on Google Play

Here’s  my Kernel Settings:

CPU Governor: Lionheart

CPU Voltage: -50mv on all

I/O Scheduler: cfq with 512kb read-ahead

Other things that are not mention I didn’t make any changes.


Here’s the roms screenshot and some game screenshots using this rom: